How Snoring Affects Relationships

Quietness is vital for a good night’s sleep. Noises, such as snorting and gasping sounds produced when you snore, compromise the quality and quantity of your sleep. Lack of sufficient sleep can often cause tiredness, frustration, irritability, and shortness of temper.

Snoring poses a problem for not only the snorer but for their partner too. On top of the tiredness and frustration, snoring can cause a lot of resentment in a relationship. These feelings can put a damper on even the most loving relationships.

This article will look at how snoring can affect a relationship, how snoring impacts your partner, and what to do about it.

snoring and relationships


How snoring can cause trouble in a relationship

1) Snoring causes resentment in relationships 

Over the years, complaints about snoring among couples have become more common. They can have severe consequences for each one of them and their entire relationship. Sleep, or lack thereof, affects our cognitive functioning, physical health, and mental health. Snoring doesn’t only make us moody, but it can also make us cranky, apprehensive, and depressed, which can create deep hostilities between a couple. These hostilities can depreciate a couple’s feelings for each other and damage their sex life and their overall relationship.

Snoring can also become a basis for frustration and humiliation within the dynamic of a romantic relationship. The partner whose sleep gets interrupted every night is often overwhelmed by frustration and feelings of bitterness toward the snorer. In contrast, the snorer is filled with guilt, shame, and a sense of helplessness about their noisy snoring and about disrupting their partner’s sleep. Such feelings as these can put a real strain on even the most solid relationships.

2) Snoring provokes the complaining psychology

Snoring causes unrestful nights that can result in moodiness increased likelihood to cause motor accidents, lead to OSA, among other effects. Unfortunately, when snoring becomes a problem in a relationship, many couples avoid dealing with it. We have a natural complaining mindset that often makes us feel incapable of working out everyday grievances.

In most cases, we neglect to make the required effort to work out the issues caused by our partner’s snoring and instead prefer to walk on eggshells around our snoring partner instead of working out the frustrating problems caused by their snoring. The complaining psychology has notable adverse effects on our lives and relationships. It makes it impossible for us to complain effectively and leaves us feeling frustrated and defeated. It is possible to overcome our ‘complaining learned helplessness and learn to complain effectively.

Snoring is probably top on the list of things that bring out the worst of our’ complaining learned helplessness’. The snorer believes that there isn’t a thing they can do to stop their snoring and, therefore, downplaying their snoring effect. Sometimes they even go as far as tasking their partner with waking them up when they start to snore, something that leaves their partner feeling even more burdened and resentful. 

3) Increased fighting and sexual frustration

The lack of quality and sufficient sleep can be frustrating to anybody, especially if your partner snores. This often leads to them moving to a separate room for a quieter night every night. This nightly separation tends to become ‘normal,’ and eventually, it becomes a permanent answer to the problem; this can strain their relationship. 

Excessive snoring causes extreme tiredness and irritability, which can, in turn, result in stress that can affect the job performance of either or both the snorer and their partner. Problems at work often make their way to the home, and let’s face it, and it is impossible to have a good sex life when sleeping in separate rooms and/or when dealing with so many frustrations at work and in life in general. The fewer the job stresses, the more likely things are to improve at one’s home. 

So, what can a couple do to prevent snoring from harming their relationship?

These are several tips that could help you and your partner lessen the effects of snoring in your relationship.  

  • If you are a non-snoring partner, you most likely get affected by the snoring most. Lay this issue on the table as it is a severe problem that you and your partner should address ASAP.  
  • If you are the snorer and your partner has complained about how your snoring keeps them up at night, getting a sleep study may be a good idea. Your snoring could very well be a symptom of a more profound underlying condition like sleep apnea, which can reduce or alleviate your snoring if treated. 
  • Try using anti-snoring appliances – these are devices that help keep your airway open by bringing your lower jaw or tongue forward while you sleep.
  • Try doing some anti-snoring throat exercises. According to studies, pronouncing certain vowel sounds and curling your tongue in specific ways can strengthen your upper respiratory tract muscles and reduce snoring.

You can also try to;

  • Change your sleeping position. When you lie on your back, it can make the soft palate and the lower part of your tongue fall to the rear of your throat, which can cause a vibrating sound during sleep.
  • Exercise more to lose any extra weight. 
  • Reduce or altogether avoid your alcohol intake.
  • Practice Good Sleep Hygiene.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Change Your Pillows.

Final Thoughts

Snoring can be very testing, even without all the other adverse effects it has on your health, sleep quality, and overall disposition. The worst impact of them all has to be the effects that snoring has on your relationship. Your non-snoring partner ends up carrying the weight of your snoring, leading to untold frustrations and resentment in the relationship. This said it is vital that snorers get professional help to stop their snoring and save their relationship.

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